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Rated 9 out of 10 on Hackernoon - Highest!

Orphan Blocks reviews TraDove and its ICO and rates it 9/10.

Tradove (9)

What is it?

Tradove believes that there isn’t a true b-2-b platform for buyers and sellers. LinkedIn comes the closest but they think buyers are there for other reasons (not to be contacted solely for business reasons) and believe there is a huge issue with trust.

They’ve been in operation for five years already with a working product. The ICO is used to develop the next phase of the project, specifically

What is the use of the token?

On the Tradove platform, basic access is given to both parties (buyers and sellers). Buyers have additional free access to the system whereas Sellers are charges a BBCoin fee for certain additional features such as:

In a later stage, Tradove hopes to open up their marketing platform and buyers will actually receive tokens for their attention. Which they can deposit into their company account and use to pitch/promote themselves.

Of course there is also usage of the BBCoin as a safe and trusted international payment system between buyers and sellers on the platform.

What is our verdict?

Unlike some of the ICOs on this list, Tradove has a working product. More than a 100,000 companies are registered on their platform. They’ve raised $4m to build this platform over a five year period and built partnerships with companies like Nestle, P&G, Ford etc. Their advisors are former CEOs and CFOs of banks like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and a retired US congressman!

As for the concept itself, we grimaced at the usage of AI (which most projects seem use as as their garnish on their bigger blockchain buzzword serving). But a platform for connecting buyers and sellers from a company that has already established a match making site in the same space; it seems like a good concept and a worthy investment!

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