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Thank You Letter from CEO Kent J Yan

Dear Investors, Partners, Friends and Colleagues,

As you may have noticed, TraDove has achieved a remarkable USD 30 million results for our presale, more than tripled the ICO size estimated by experts. This tremendous result has never been the success of one person. But rather it is the success of our humble team, our powerful and efficient global partnership network. It is more the success of our community, now 10K strong.

First, I would like to  thank our investors for your vote of confidence, your belief of our vision and your willingness to take the ride with us for the long term.

Second, I would like to thank all the friends who offered your help and guidance when we are in need. We are new to the crypto world and have never met you before. But yet, you stretched out your helpful hands to assist us to achieve this great milestone in a such a short time.

Third, I want to thank all those negative voices. We do not blame you. In B2B, we call it information asymmetry which is exactly the problem we are trying to solve. We know much more about TraDove than you do. And yet we do not have enough time and resources to clear every doubt. But it will be your negative voices that will make us much greater in achieving our vision.

Lastly, I want to thank all the TraDove team. You showed your resilience, loyalty and character under attack and defended our line. Look what we have achieved today!

But this is just the mid term result. Let’s gear up to race to the finish line with all we have. I am confident we can ace this game and reach the hard cap. Together we stand! Together we achieve!

Again, thank you all. 

Kent J Yan

Founder and CEO

TraDove, Inc.